Believing is doing.

Oct 11th, 2017 Personal therealrondillon

My brain relaxed for the first time today. I smoked an hour ago. The house is quiet and everyone’s asleep. For the past several hours I’ve been in a groove, sitting at my desk, rewriting portions of my memoir. In the middle of my writing I felt like I was in a fog, and it wasn’t the smoke from my bong. I was shown a…

Ron Dillon has died.

Sep 28th, 2017 Personal therealrondillon

I sit in my chair, 7 miles above the Earth’s surface, flying through the troposphere at 557 miles per hour. All I can do is laugh. Because for my entire adult life, this is how I lived; high and fast. I lived this way because since childhood I’ve felt that I’d die at the age of 36. Even though I’m a guy, I believe I’ve…

hurricane harvey.

Aug 30th, 2017 Personal therealrondillon

Sitting at my feet my Boston Terrier, Kelvin is licking one of the spider bites I received while in standing in the floodwater. Even if I did everything on the “hurricane preparedness checklist” I still wouldn’t have been ready for Harvey. When my wife and I realized the incoming storm was going to be a hurricane we   started talking about a game plan. Our…

on the bus.

Mar 17th, 2017 Personal therealrondillon

As the bus makes its way down Paradise Road I place my head against the window. Even in December the desert Sun is warm. My eyes are closed and I begin to pretend the Sun’s rays that are massaging my cheeks are actually my parent’s hands. They’re telling me how proud they are.